Integrity, Responsibility and Ownership

As my client, you are entrusting me with something that is very valuable to you – your reputation. It is your right to expect that this is treated with the utmost care. It’s therefore very important to me that I listen carefully to you and gain a comprehensive understanding of all issues and problems you face before I advise you. Once this has been done, I will recommend a clear course of action, but also I will, on your behalf, weigh up the potential advantages and disadvantages so that you can make your final decision. You then decide whether I implement the agreed course of action or whether I continue to accompany you in an advisory role. Depending on the matter at hand, I will either implement on my one, or, if necessary, draw on support from my established network.

It is in my interest that you feel well advised, that you appreciate the frank, open and constructive approach I make in communications and that you feel happy to return to my services and recommend these to others.

Ways of working:

Thinking outside the box, straightforwardness, proactive communication, reading between the lines

Depending on the nature of the project, the overall approach will usually be different. The combination of many years of experience in project management and an international background form an advantage here. Any unforeseen or unexpected matters occurring in the project can be easily incorporated.

If necessary the project will be accomplished via an established network of experts managed by me. In this way, an individual team can be recruited according to the specific project requirements – because every single client is different and needs its own ideas.

Your advantage: a myriad of expertise channeled through one point of contact.